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Migration from Net2MAX 1.0 to 2.0 has started.
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1 Why Net2MAX ?

Anything that is numerous, complex and dynamic needs to be managed, information technology is no different.

Net2MAX is the world's first and only Information Ecosystem Manager. It shields the end user from incompatible services, complex configurations and unnecessary changes, while controlling and organising the user's information assets in a easy to use and secure manner - preventing information overload.

As more and more communication and computing services appear everyday, Net2MAX gives you the ability to reduce their complexity and increase the synergy between them - a SINGLE platform to manage them all, a platform that shapes the online world according to your changing needs and from your own perspective.

Why do you need the management capabilities of the Net2MAX platform? Because your future depends on your ability to perform in the online world. Even the USA military has started to take the online world VERY seriously, isn't it about time you take it seriously as well?

2 What is Net2MAX ?

Everyday billions of USERS access different SERVICES (e.g. online applications like auction and email, local software like accounting and word processing) running on top of different INFRASTRUCTURES (e.g. networks like telcos and ISPs, devices like computers and phones).

All services have their own specific interfaces and servers. Users have to learn different interfaces and pay for different servers in order to use different services.

Net2MAX manages the USERS, SERVICES and INFRASTRUCTURES on behalf of the user.

It allows the user to create her OWN digital domain by mixing and matching different services and infrastructure together into a synergistic environment to suit their own needs.

A personal digital domain with the sole purpose of satisfying her own needs and wants, and NOT the needs of the management of the infrastructure supplier NOR the wants of the shareholders of the service provider.

3 Net2MAX Features

Net2MAX has 3 main features that addresses the Interface, the Application and the Server respectively:

  1. Unified Interface
  2. Community Application
  3. Distributed Server

Net2MAX provides an unified user interface to different online services, allows local communities to develop their own online applications and distributes the servers on user sites.

Net2MAX is the only manager in the world that manages the complete digital domain, from the user interface and relationship on top to the software and services in the middle to the underlying hardware and infrastructure.

4 Net2MAX Benefits

Each of the 3 Net2MAX management modules (Unified Interface, Community Application, Distributed Servers) has been engineered to deliver substantial benefits to BOTH End Users and Network Operators:

image:Net2MAX_Intro_Benefit_1.gif image:Net2MAX_Intro_Benefit_2.gif

1. Unified Interface

End User Benefit:
Net2MAX increases End User Productivity by providing an Unified Interface to different online services for the End Users.
Network Operator Benefit:
Unified Interface protects Network Operator investments by allowing the Network Operator to integrate competing overseas (e.g. Skype) and domestic (e.g. Maxis) services into the Network Operator's own services through convergence at the user interface level.

2. Community Application

End User Benefit:
Net2MAX encourages End User Innovation by enabling End Users to develop their own Community Applications independent of the Service Providers.
Network Operator Benefit:
Community Application increases Network Operator revenue by encouraging Network Operator customers to create, market, support and maintain their own Community based services for their own specific applications.

3. Distributed Server

End User Benefit:
Net2MAX increase End User Privacy by deploying Distributed Servers on End Users' own sites.
Network Operator Benefit:
Distributed Servers reduces Network Operator costs by encouraging Network Operator customers to pay for, install and maintain their own infrastructure (servers, switches, hosting, bandwidth etc.)

5 Getting Started

For a detailed overview, please visit the Net2MAX Demonstration page to see how Net2MAX can increase your productivity, reduce your costs and increase your security in the online world.

To experience for yourself how Net2MAX can save you substantial time and money (as well as enabling you to accomplish tasks not possible before), register your phone number with Net2MAX and try out our One Click Contact service for FREE ... we believe you will not be disappointed in what you will find ...

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