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1 Name

vCard standard contains 3 different name fields:

  1. N
  2. FN

They all refer to the SAME person and may or may not be the same.

Members should fill in all 3 fields (although NICKNAME is optional).

1.1 N field

N is called the Name field, it is the formal STRUCTURED text field for the name.

It is used to specify the components of the name of the object the vCard represents.

Information in this field are separated by ; in the following order:

Family; Given; Middle; Prefix; Suffix



N is generally used by most programs for searching and processing. Although FN is normally searched and processed as well, just to cover more possibilities.

1.2 FN field

FN is called the Full Name field, it is the UNSTRUCTURED name for general use.

It is used to specify the formatted text corresponding to the name of the object the vCard represents.

Information can be any text string.

FN is generally displayed by most programs if they only have space to display one field. For example, when the user click in the FN, then the rest of the vCard will be displayed.

1.3 NICKNAME field

NICKNAME is called the Mickname field, it is the UNSTRUCTURED name for casual use.

It is used to specify the text corresponding to the nickname of the object the vCard represents.

Information can be any text string.

NICKNAME is generally displayed by programs if they can also display the FN very easily (like via mouse over). For example, when the user mouse over the NICKNAME, the FN is shown automatically in a bubble.

2 RFCs

Some relevant documents:


3 Old Version

4 Web Interface

The Group Contact web interface is accessed via the Organiser on your Office Desktop.

By default, after login at, the Group Contact page should appear.

To automatically display the Group Contacts page, simply login at, click on Network->Universal Portal.


then select the Group Contacts radio button to make the Group Contacts page the default page after log in.


Once the above has been selected, the next time you login you will see Group Contacts page automatically.


5 Usage

The "Net2MAX" link on the top left hand corner is to display the Member Interface control panel.


The "Shortcut" link is to display and manage shortcuts.


The "Calendar" link allows the user to view, modify as well as adding new events or tasks.


The "Address Book" link is to display all the Contacts entered.


The "Mail" link is used to access the email account.


The "Preferences" is to change the time zone, time format, identities etc.


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